Hey, I'm Ismail

the weirdest lazy and ambitious person I know... (that, my friend, is called self-awareness)

I tell stories, some of which are true, and you will most probably find me eating chocolate somewhere.

I love making things up and seeing others do the same, 

  • Playing with data using machine learning.
  • Rock climbing, swimming and practicing partner acrobatics.
  • Tea (especially Pu'Erh and Matcha)
  • People (well, most of them :P )
  • or anything that sounds hipster, really.

Peace out, love, hugs and all the good stuff!

wanna know what I'm doing right now? Check out my now page.

Official Bragging Bio

Started making and selling video games at the age of 12. Loves machine learning, Python and anything dotJS. Interested in habit building and becoming a better learner. Founder of The The Saloon project in Europe with support from the Josh Waitzkin foundation and The Art of Learning Project, which aims to help people (mainly in tech) tap into their inner creative, become better leaders and focus on the skills that will matter so that Human Intelligence can keep up with Artificial Intelligence. Founded Office Pandas in 2017 an office design system for tech spaces focused on creating an playful place that triggers enjoyment and creativity.

The best way to reach me is by email at : contact@ismail.land