At this moment

this page describes what I'm most probably doing right now, think of it as an official stalking page...

  • I'm still living in beautiful Uppsala, Sweden. Just came to spend 12 days back in Morocco.

  • I just found out that the domain name for my official first name which is ismaïl was actually available so I got it now :)

  • I just recently discovered the best sourced matcha-iri sencha sold at a small cute store in Stockholm called “In the Mood for Tea”, and as someone who is a big fan of both matcha and sencha I am in love with this stuff. Matcha-Iri Sencha is basically sencha leaves coated with matcha

  • I'm working at SVT, Swedish television, as a data scientist and I'm in love with the project as much as the team. We're currently building the data pipeline for SVT Interaktiv's services.

  • Practicing more partner acro and rock climbing. Just recently started trying out different partner dances at once (salsa, forró, bachata and kizomba).

  • Having speaking engagements about machine learning and data science at different events, here’s an example.

  • This year I’ll try to organise more workshops for my fellow students at Uppsala University to give back. And coding workshops for kids in collaboration with the art of learning project (founded by Josh Waitzkin).

  • I’m getting back to digging deeper into the mathematical theory part of machine learning and statistics. More precisely trying to formalise the limits of machine learning algorithms. Another thing I’m starting to learn more seriously is Swedish, after 3 years in Sweden I guess it is about time this becomes a priority.

Oh, I'm also probably eating chocolate at this time, unless I'm sleeping, I usually don't do both, believe me, I tried...


last updated January 2019

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