At this moment

this page describes what I'm most probably doing right now, think of it as an official stalking page...

  • I'm still living in beautiful Uppsala, Sweden. Just came back from spending a beautiful week in Geneva.

  • Having tried many types of green tea, I now prefer Kukicha, which I get from a cute little store in Stockholm called “In the Mood for Tea” (Kukicha includes twigs, gives me a better feeling since is lower in caffeine and has higher amounts of both theacrine and theanine)

  • I'm still working at SVT, Swedish television, as a data engineer/scientist and I love the project. We're currently building the data ecosystem for SVT services from the ground up.

  • Practicing more partner acrobatics… and managed to hurt my left hand so I will take a small break.

  • Having speaking engagements about machine learning and data science at different events, here’s an example. The next one being at O’reilly velocity in Berlin.

  • This year I’ll focus on starting up a journal directed towards self-experimentation (wanna help me find a name? follow this link)

  • I’m getting back to digging deeper into the mathematical theory part of machine learning and statistics. More precisely trying to formalise the limits of machine learning algorithms.

Oh, I'm also probably eating chocolate at this time, unless I'm sleeping, I usually don't do both, believe me, I tried...


last updated January 2019

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